Good afternoon.
     We are following up on reports in local media that Alibaba will buy a stake in Sina.
     I'm writing to inquire, if you haven't published a report would you be able to offer any commentary for our story? We are looking for analysis on why such a stake would make sense for Alibaba, and what both sides would get out of such a deal?
     Thanks and regards.

(Bloomberg Reporter)

Dundas from Midas International Group:


As the advertisements revenue from SINA weibo increased, it contributed as much as 16% of SINA's total revenue and increased even faster than SINA's revenue from other sources. I believe the weibo related operational expenses will still go up sharply in the coming 2 years, SINA does need to do extra financing. But in addition we are not seeing any inter-platform coop between SINA and taobao (or Alibaba's other platforms such as B2B platform) yet, but there're huge potentials for Alibaba's clients to do promotions via the weibo platform, because it's fast, referral type, and cost-effective. I think it could perfectly fit those small-to-medium merchandisers' needs. For SINA, if it could tap into the advertising market for eCommerce, it will extend the weibo's usage from just personal messaging to business as a new channel of eCommerce marketing.
So the rumor is likely to be real based on the fact that both parties could gain what they need, thanks.